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2 Parasail Vessels to Take You to New Heights!!

Experience the Ontario parasailing adventure of a lifetime! Take in a breathtaking view from high above the lake with the unparalleled sensation of being airborne. The exhilaration of your first flight is a lifetime experience you will never forget! Our state-of-the-art parasail WINCH boat lets you take off and land right on the boat. Utilizing a hydraulic winch, you are slowly reeled out from the flight deck located on the boat and after an incredible and scenic flight you are then reeled back to the vessel’s flight deck. With this revolutionary winch system you don’t even get wet…unless you want too! Ask your captain for the “dip” and get a refreshing light splash as your toes tickle the surface of the water before you get vertical again.

See what a parasailing experience looks like – check out our videos page here!


RATES including HST:
Single flight$100.00
Double flight$180.00or $90 ea.
Triple flight$240.00or $80 ea.
Quadflight$250.00or $62.50 ea.
Observers$30.00Child under 10 years $15 ea.

GoPro Videos are available. We have a special camera mount in the parasail itself that allows you to record your sensational flight experience while having the ability to focus the camera on facial view, or frontal view with panoramic shots of the spectacular scenery. An SD card is provided to you at the end of your flight @$40.00. Please specify video coverage with your reservation. (Only our camera may be used in the mount)

**First priority seating is provided to parasailors. Our vessel seats 8 adults which can be a combination of parasailors and observers that want to enjoy the experience with their family and friends. Observers may also be the best people to take pictures for you while you are parasailing. If you don’t bring an observer, we will be happy to take pictures for you using your device. If Observers choose to go parasailing while they are in the boat during their charter, the observer fee is waived and the parasailing rate for their flight applies. Note that Observers should be reserved in advance with parasailors to reserve a seat in the boat.

Rates include HST and are subject to change without notice.

Parasail Pre-registration Form

Parasailing FAQ’s

What are the Hours of Operation?
Victoria Day weekend to Thanksgiving weekend (weather permitting). Schedule may vary.

We are fully mobile with our parasailing operations. We attend many events and waterfront festivals on various lakes throughout Ontario. We have a limited availability at our home base location at the Bonnieview Inn, in Haliburton as well as our newer location at the Muskoka Wharf, in Gravenhurst. It is always ESSENTIAL to call well in advance to reserve parasailing and not to assume that you can show up anytime to go parasailing. We will not refuse “walk-ins” yet we want to emphasize the importance of reservations, especially if you are travelling a significant distance to avoid disappointment. Typically we will not offer parasailing on Mondays, unless it is a holiday Monday, or it has been specially reserved for a group well in advance. Do not base your reservation on a long range forecast or a short range forecast. A 24 – 48 hour forecast may have some credibility.

Is a parasailing adventure fun? Is it scary?
Fun? Most of our customers would consider fun to be an understatement! It is not scary, but more so exhilarating. It is not at all like bungee jumping. If you have ever had dreams of flying, you really do feel like you are flying like a bird!

What type of parasailing do we offer?
“Winch Direct Parasailing” is the most widely accepted form of parasailing in the world today. The winch allows you to smoothly take off and land from the boat deck, not off the beach or a floating barge as seen in Mexico and many other tropical resorts. It’s like flying a kite with a fishing pole. Utilizing a hydraulic winch, you are slowly reeled out from the flight deck located on the boat after an incredible and scenic flight you are then reeled back to the vessel’s flight deck.

How long does the adventure last?
The entire boating adventure lasts for approximately 1 hour with an average 8 passengers flying, with each person flying in the air for about 8-10 minutes. The captain reserves the right to combine persons from different parties to reach 8 flyers per charter. The duration of the trip may be more or less than one hour if there are tandem or triple flights.

Is there a minimum/maximum weight requirement?
Flying solo or with a friend? The minimum weight for a flight is 100lbs and the maximum combined weight for multi person flights is 400lbs. Eligibility for a single, double, tandem, triple or quad flight is determined by the captain due to weight restrictions and wind conditions. All persons must be prepared for a single flight if necessary.

Why should I go parasailing in the Haliburton Highlands or Muskoka?

Many people choose the Haliburton Highlands or Muskoka versus parasailing in the tropical climates like Florida and the Carribean because the scenery is spectacular and natural. Clear, fresh water lakes, surrounded by natural forests and the changing contour of the landscape make for a more stimulating experience versus expansive beach fronts with row upon row of hotels and condo buildings. The comfort of boating in calmer wind and water conditions versus the rolling seas of the ocean also help those with motion sickness. Our rates are more affordable than the sunny south because you don’t have to buy a plane ticket to get there, any don’t forget the exchange on the U.S. dollar! Not to mention, we don’t have sharks!

Can I book a private parasailing party for my family and friends or my company event at my own waterfront location?

YES!!! We cater to private parties, special events like waterfront bachelor / bachelorette / wedding parties, corporate / staff parties and lake association events. We do have 2 parasail boats and can fly 16-20 persons per hour! Call Captain Craig and explore the possibilities!

Are group rates available for parasailing?

Group rates are tailored specifically to the time of year, the number of participants, and the location based on travel time to and from the site. Contact Captain Craig for an estimate.

Do we require any experience or be athletic to participate?
No experience or talent is necessary. If you can sit you can fly! We do all the work and you have all the fun! You do not have to be a swimmer or a water skier to go parasailing! Young or old, or physically challenged can fly.

Will we get wet?
Only if you want too…typically not. If you wish we will do our best to keep you dry, however you may want a “toe dip”, and we will try to accommodate you if the conditions allow. You can also ask for a dunk! It is also sometimes necessary to land you in the water, in this case you will get very wet!

How should we dress?
Casual beach attire: shorts, bathing suits, and even jeans are okay. You can fly fully clothed on a cool day. We have flown newlyweds in tuxedo and dress! You may not wear footwear on board the boat, nor in the air. You may want to bring a sweat shirt or wind breaker just in case. Dress for the season.

Do I need to know how to swim?
Swimming ability is not necessary, however we require that you wear a Personal Flotation vest while flying.

Is the captain and crew specially trained, experienced or licensed?
Yes! We are licensed. Our captain and crew are specially trained and experienced in all aspects of parasailing, boat navigation, first aid and flight procedures.

Are reservations recommended?
Yes! Due to the extreme popularity of our ride and limited space available (eight passengers maximum per trip) reservations are essential. We reserve the right to combine members from different parties to reach a 8 person trip.

Can people come along to enjoy the boat ride and just watch?
Observers are welcome if they have reserved in advance or if space permits. First preference is given to parasailors. The cost is: $30.00 adult / $15 child per observer. Observers make ideal photographers, and watch out…statistically, 80% of observers end up parasailing once they see how easy and thrilling it is!

What are the age limits?
We don’t recommend children under the age of 2. Parental accompaniment recommended. Subject to staff approval.

Can we bring our own camera equipment?
Yes, however we cannot be responsible for any loss or damage to your personal property. The captain reserves the right to restrict the use of photography while on board the vessel. We do offer a photo / video service aboard the boat.

Reservation Policy
Our reservation system is very much like reserving a hotel room. We ask for a Visa or Mastercard number to guarantee your flight times. If you are a no show or cancel on the same day, your card will be charged the entire reserved amount of the flights. Cancellation notice in writing or verbally is acceptable before 12:00 p.m. the day before the reservation without penalty.

What is our cancellation policy?
Due to the high demand and limited space, we have a “zero tolerance” 24-hour cancellation policy. If you or someone in your party cancels for any reason within 24 hours, you will be charged 100% for the number of persons reserved in your party. Your Visa or Mastercard will be processed for “no shows” as well. Sorry, no exceptions!

Please review our Cancellation Policy – Click here